My thoughts on Project Euler

Project Euler is a series of math problems to be solved using a programming language of your choice. Project Euler is great way to brush up on your coding techniques. Yes, EVERY single one… Continue reading

PS4 Backwards Compatibility

I ran into a guy that works for RedStorm the other day at the bar. He explained why ps3 games will probably not work on the ps4. My first thought was that there… Continue reading

iPhone vs Android part 5

Apple made a huge mistake recently. They failed to “supply the demand”. People want larger phones. Instead of offering two phones of the same size, Apple should have offered two phones of a… Continue reading

iPhone4, insdie job? counter spy?

Apple iPad, first post

No, not a first post FROM an iPad. This is my first post about the iPad. After playing with an iPad at the Apple Store for a good 10 minutes, I decided that… Continue reading

Engage in cyber warfare, in the Comfort of your own home! No purchase necessary!

I read an article recently about the Georgian-Russian war, and the underground cyber-wars that are going on. Cyber-soldiers from each country attack the other country’s websites to render the websites useless. Classic DOS… Continue reading

Pearl Jam at Virginia Beach…

Pros: Perfect weather, nice cool breeze and a full moon, which Eddie felt the need to point out on numerous occasions. They did play Better Man Cons: They DIDN’T play Black, Corduroy or… Continue reading

Home Networked Vista Media Center complete with Media Extenders

so, I finally set up my complete vista-based media center. Everything works surprisingly well. Below you will find a detailed diagram of my network infrastructure.

Cost effective solution for Vista Media Center extender??

I have a hand-built media center that I use as my primary TV tuner and DVR box. What is the most cost effective way to use the media center on the other TVs… Continue reading

Jail for Chinese rights activist

-from the BBC, Thursday, 3 April 2008 07:59 UK A prominent activist who publicised human rights abuses across China has been convicted of subversion and jailed for three-and-a-half years. Hu Jia, 34, was… Continue reading